This is the contract and payment page for your retreat.

Be sure to read the contract and all its appendices carefully.

Pay attention to the important points: the contract comes into effect after prepayment, 25% of the cost of the retreat is prepaid. This amount is spent almost immediately on various activities related to the preparation of the retreat.

The payment gateway is located at the bottom, after the contract details, under the PAY buttons.






1.1 This public agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Offer or the Agreement) is an official offer of IE Mikhail Nikolaevich Vlasov (certificate of state registration series 77 № 013056904), hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, to provide services specified in clause 3.1 of this Agreement to individuals, hereinafter referred to as the Client.

1.2 This Agreement shall be deemed concluded from the moment of its Acceptance by the Client. For the purposes of this Agreement, Acceptance shall mean the fact of the Client’s prepayment for the Contractor’s Services.

1.3 The Contractor and the Client shall provide mutual guarantees of their legal and legal capacity necessary for the conclusion and execution of this Contract of Paid Services.


2.1 For the purposes of this Offer, the following terms shall be used with the following meaning:

Offer — this public contract for the provision of services on a fee-for-service basis.

Internet resource — the website: https://comebackdifferent.ru, as well as all related «subdomains» used by the Contractor on the right of ownership.

Services — the Contractor’s services on organisation and holding of the Retreat in accordance with the Offer conditions.

Retreat — a complex event organised by the Contractor within the framework of this Agreement, including accommodation, meals, transfer, and other activities provided by the daily schedule.

Retreat Centre — a hotel-type premise specially selected by the Contractor, suitable for accommodation during the Retreat and for carrying out the activities stipulated in the daily schedule.

Executor — Mikhail Nikolaevich Vlasov, an individual entrepreneur, who provides services to the Client on the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.

Client — an individual who has accepted the Offer on the terms and conditions set out herein.

Agreement for Paid Services — a public contract between the Client and the Contractor for the provision of services, which is concluded through the Acceptance of this Offer.



3.1 The subject of this Agreement is the organisation and carrying out of the Retreat (hereinafter referred to as Services) by the Contractor. Place of rendering the Service — yacht, cruise, departure from Hurghada, Egypt. The programme, time, duration and cost of rendering the Services are specified in Appendix No.1 to this Agreement, located at the following website: //comebackdifferent.ru/mars-alam.

In order to eliminate disagreements, the Parties express a common understanding that the list of Services under this Agreement does not include services on organisation of visa support of the Client, as well as services on organisation of international flight of the Client to the country of the Retreat and back to the country of residence.

3.2 The period of rendering the Services is from «07» October to «14» October 2023.

3.3 Accommodation conditions: a place in a double cabin on the second deck. Full board meals according to the daily schedule. Transfer from and to Hurghada airport is included.

3.4 The total cost of the Services under this Contract is 1869 Euros (One thousand eight hundred and sixty nine), VAT exclusive.


4.1 The Parties have agreed that the acceptance (consent) to the conclusion of this Agreement is the Client’s preliminary payment for the Contractor’s Services.

4.2 By making an acceptance of this offer, the Client agrees to all the terms and conditions set forth herein, including those in Appendix No. 1 https://comebackdifferent.ru/mars-alam/.



5.1 The preliminary payment in the amount of 25% of the total cost of the Services specified in Clause 3.4 of this Agreement shall be made by the Client using the payment gateway located immediately after Chapter 12 of the Agreement. If the payment is made on the basis of the Contractor’s invoice, it shall be made within 1 day from the date of the Contractor’s invoice.

5.2 The final payment in the amount of 75% of the total cost of the Services specified in clause 3.4 of this Agreement shall be made by the Client not later than 30 days prior to the date of the Retreat.

5.3 At the Client’s request, the payment may be made in a lump sum in the amount of 100% of the total cost of the Services specified in clause 3.4 of this Agreement.

5.4 If the Contract is concluded less than 1 month before the Retreat, the Client shall pay 100% of the total cost of the Services specified in clause 3.4 of this Contract in a lump sum.

5.5 The cost of the Contractor’s services is presented in Euro. Payment by Clients-residents of the Russian Federation shall be made in roubles at the rate of Raiffeisen Bank on the date of payment.

5.6 The cost of services is not subject to VAT due to the Contractor’s application of the simplified taxation system.



The Customer has the right

6.1 Refuse the Service. In this case, the return of the amount of prepayment is carried out on the conditions specified in clause 6.3 within 5 (Five) working days from the date of receipt of a written notice by the Executor.

6.2 Submit a claim to the Executor about poor quality of the Services.

The Client undertakes

6.3 Familiarise himself/herself with the terms and conditions of refund in case of refusal to perform this Agreement. The Client has the right to refuse to fulfil the Agreement on condition of payment to the Contractor of the expenses actually incurred by the Contractor in connection with the fulfilment of obligations under the Agreement.


in case of cancellation more than 30 days prior to the commencement of the Service, the Contractor’s actually incurred expenses are slightly more than 25% of the total cost of the Services under the Contract,

in case of cancellation less than 30 days in advance, the actual costs incurred by the Contractor are slightly less than 100% of the total cost of the Services under the Contract.

Booking and cancellation rules: https://comebackdifferent.ru/kak-zabronirovat-uchastie/.

6.4 Before accepting the Offer, the Client undertakes to consult a health care specialist in order to identify contraindications that deprive the Client of the opportunity to use the Service, or endanger the life or health of the Client. By accepting this Offer, the Client agrees to the provisions of the Consent to Participate in the Retreat, which is Appendix No. 2 to this Agreement and is located on the website at https://comebackdifferent.ru/prilozhenie-2-k-dogovoru/.

6.5 Pay for the services of the Contractor in the amount and in the manner prescribed by Chapter 5 of this Agreement. 6.6.

6.6. to independently issue a visa (if required) in the Visa Centre or Consulate of the respective country. Visa confirmation of residence in the Retreat country shall be made by the Contractor upon request received from the Client.

6.7 Provide proof of intention to visit the country of temporary stay (air ticket, insurance, voucher, etc.) in the case when it is necessary for visa processing when providing visa support.

6.8. to purchase medical insurance and air tickets at his/her own expense.

6.9. Observe sanitary (anti-epidemiological) rules of the Russian Federation and the country visited, as well as the rules of the airline.

6.10. To arrive at the airport for check-in not later than 3 hours before the aircraft departure for independent border and customs control.

6.11. Observe the border and customs regulations of the Russian Federation and the country visited, as well as the airline’s baggage regulations.

6.12. To pay all bills for telephone calls and other additional services and services of the Retreat before departure from the place of accommodation.

6.13. To be instructed on safety and rules of behaviour in emergency situations. To observe during the Retreat the rules of personal safety, rules of behaviour in emergency situations and safety regulations.

6.14. Provide the Contractor with all necessary information for rendering the Services under the Contract. The provided information must be correct, true and complete, the Client agrees to the Executor’s processing of his personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Consent to Personal Data Processing, which is Appendix No. 3 to this Agreement and is located on the website at https://comebackdifferent.ru/prilozhenie-3-k-dogovoru/.



The Executor has the right

7.1 Refuse to render the Service to the Client in case of violation of the settlement procedure (Chapter 5 of this Agreement).

7.2 Refuse to fulfil the Contract not later than 40 days before the date of the Retreat. In this case, the Contractor shall return the money received under the Agreement to the Client.

The Contractor undertakes to

7.3 Provide the Services agreed in this Agreement and on the website https://comebackdifferent.ru/mars-alam/.

7.4 Provide the Client with full information about the Services: practices, about the programme of stay, including information about accommodation and catering conditions, transfer services in the country of temporary stay, additional services required by the Client.


Client’s responsibility

8.1 The Client is responsible, including financial responsibility, for any actions taken or decisions made during his/her stay in the country of the Retreat and is also responsible for compliance with the laws of the country of stay. Ignorance of the laws or customs of the country of stay does not release the Client from responsibility in case of their violation.

8.2 The Client guarantees to the Executor that he/she has no medical contraindications and diseases that may cause harm to his/her health during the provision of the Services. If the Client has diseases that can obviously become an obstacle for rendering the Services to him, the Client assumes all risks related to his health. The Executor shall not be liable for any harm caused to the Client’s life and health as a result of providing false information about the Client’s health condition.

Responsibility of the Executor

8.3 The Executor is responsible for the execution of the Order on the Client’s terms and conditions provided that the Service is paid in full within the established terms.

8.4 The Executor is not responsible in case of refusal of a foreign country to issue entry visas to the Client on the route of rendering the Service, for delays in consideration of documents by the consulate of a foreign country.

8.5 The Executor is not responsible for changes in airlines’ pricing policy, changes in tariffs for booked air tickets, for delays in departures and arrivals, change of aircraft type, cancellation of flights, for delivery and safety of the Client’s luggage.

8.6 The Executor shall not be liable in case of improper provision of the Services, if improper performance was a result of unreliable, insufficient or untimely information provided by the Client, as well as due to other violations of the terms of this Agreement by the Client.

8.7 The Executor is not responsible for the discrepancy of the provided Service with the Client’s expectations and/or for the Client’s subjective assessment, such discrepancy with expectations and/or negative subjective assessment are not grounds to consider the Services rendered not qualitatively or not to the agreed extent.

8.8 The Executor is not responsible for any restriction of border crossing in the country of departure or the country of arrival, as well as for changes in the rules of border crossing and flights.


9.1 This Agreement comes into force from the moment of acceptance of this Offer by the Client and is valid until the Parties fulfil their obligations in full.

9.2 The Contractor is not a Tour Operator, and the performance of this Agreement is not the formation, realisation or promotion of a tourist product.

9.3 The pre-trial procedure of dispute settlement is obligatory for the Parties.

9.4 From the moment of Acceptance of the Offer, all previous correspondence, documents and materials of negotiations between the Parties on issues that are the subject of the Offer, shall become null and void.

9.5 All issues not settled under this Agreement shall be governed by the current civil legislation of the Russian Federation.

9.6 If any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement is recognised as invalid or cannot come into force in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation, such provision may be separated from the Agreement and replaced by a new provision that meets the original intentions contained in the Agreement to the maximum extent possible, while the other provisions of the Agreement shall not change and shall remain in force.

9.7 The Parties recognise the legal validity of electronic letters — documents sent by electronic mail (e-mail), and recognise them as equivalent to documents on paper signed by handwritten signature, as only the Parties themselves and persons authorised by them have access to the respective e-mail addresses specified in the Contract in the details of the Parties and being the electronic signature of the respective Party. Each Party shall access the e-mail address by password and undertakes to keep it confidential.



10.1 All annexes listed below are an integral part of this Agreement. By accepting the Offer, the Customer agrees to all the requirements listed in these appendices.

Annex No. 1. Retreat Programme, time, duration and cost of the Services https://comebackdifferent.ru/mars-alam/.

Appendix No. 2. Consents for participation in the Retreat https://comebackdifferent.ru/prilozhenie-2-k-dogovoru/.

Appendix No. 3. Consent to Personal Data Processing https://comebackdifferent.ru/prilozhenie-3-k-dogovoru/.



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Address: 14-7, Nakhimovsky prospect, Moscow, 117186.
Tel. +7 495 226 8898
e-mail: ask@combackdifferent.ru
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Cruise, Egypt, October 2023.





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