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Friends! Without long introductions — we are looking for partners for a project in Sumbawa.

This is the continuation of the story about the construction of our retreat center. We kept silence for over a year, a lot has happened during that time, but we’ll start from the very end. And step by step we will tell you the rest.


The three latest news from the end will be as follows:

  • We’re opening a search for the partners for the construction of the project on Sumbawa.
  • We won the Supreme Court in Jakarta and fully defended our right to the land.
  • To date, our company has a full official package of documents for land ownership and project setup.

More detailed

The project is a retreat center of the international concept. We will work at the intersection of mental health and ecotourism trends. And in each of these areas we are ready to offer significant USP (the advantages in sales compared to other project that make similar offers).

We will need investments about 400-500 000 USD. And we are open to 1-5 partners with the minimum entry of about 100.000 USD.

We assume that in the current world conditions there will be people who are looking for a new opportunity and possibility for themselves. We have it. And in the literal sense of the word — the whole bay “like from a fairy tale”, with white sand, azure water and a colorful coral reef, which, in turn, is looking for investment, competence, desire to build literally and metaphorically.

If you are interested not just to place funds somewhere, but also to find a new use for your powers and personal realization, we are looking for you.

What do we need? Briefly

  • The amount of about 400-500k USD for the construction of a retreat center.
  • Competencies: complex negotiations, management, construction, developing of business systems, hospitality, recruitment and staff training.
  • The desire and the opportunity to stand with us and directly build the project from scratch.
  • Tolerance to risks and readiness for workload.
  • The interest in the project topic.

What do we have? Briefly

  • The land on the shore, 3,5 hectares on the island of Sumbawa.
  • Tow beaches: the main beach of 250 meters (complete bay) and the second beach (50 meters from 500 meters of the neighboring bay).
  • Good logistics: 1 hour flight from Bali (three times a day to choose from) + 1,5 hours on a good road from Bima airport.
  • A detailed concept with several pronounced USP (Unique Selling Proposition — advantages in the market).
  • All documents and permits, according to the legislation of Indonesia and the agreement with the village.
  • Our followers.
  • The conducted test of the idea through crowdfunding  – we collected 100k USD in the first round only for our followers without advertising.
  • Experience in the formation and conduct of retreat programs for more than 8 years.
  • Competencies (which we will close): marketing, sales, creation of programs (= products), working with clients, tourism business, peculiarities of mentality in Indonesia (in total about 10 years of life and work in the country).
  • Scaling capabilities: both inside the earth and its waters, and outside – Bali, Indonesia.
  • Layouts and the prepayment of yoga hall and restaurant.
  • 6 pieces of sewn glamping units.

Trends and accents

Here are a few trends and accents that we will use:

— Wow-location

It’s not just a bay, it’s four (!) neighboring bays. Three are nearby and one in the “backyard”. Our land fully owns one of them (250 meters of beach) and partially the second (50 meters from 500 meters of the beach). On the top point of the land, where the restaurant will be located, there is almost a 360-degree view of the sea. It’s everywhere you turn your head. This is impressive and creates a lot of the so-called instagramble locations. The sea view will be literally everywhere. From each guest house. From the restaurant. From the yoga hall. At the same time, all the main buildings will stand on a cliff 25 meters high. To the issue of the rising sea and just a big wave. This location has a good level of security.

Also in the same block: snow-white sand on the beach (actually no filters), azure water (actually no filters).

— Untouched wildlife and its inhabitants

A living coral garden has been preserved in our bay, which is already a rarity, both for Indonesia and the world as a whole. This is literally a multicolored underwater aquarium. Plus, every year, flocks of humpback whales migrate exactly opposite our land. An enchanting sight.

— Exotic neighborhood and enhanced eco-tourism opportunities

The shores of Komodo National Park are visible directly from the ground. The way there is approximately 30-60 minutes by a speed boat. And Komodo is the number two brand after Bali in Indonesia. These are famous dragons (huge endemic lizards), pink beaches (literally pink because of red corals), epic landscapes, huge skulls of manta rays and a rich underwater world. You can get it quickly from the beach.

Another neighbor is the huge Sangean volcano, located 20 kilometers from the land right in the water. It’s clearly visible from the land and it’s instagramble again. And directly near the volcano there is an exotic bubble reef (the reef that bubbles, also quite unique).

In addition, a lot of whale sharks (absolutely safe huge fish that feed on plankton) was found on Sumbawa (in another part of it) not so long ago, where you can go on a day trip directly from our land. This is what is called the one time life experience.

— Effective psychotechnics and practices

The center will offer various programs that are based on the proven psychotechnics. Both to restore the state and to start the rhythm of conscious changes. These are yoga, meditation, silence, body practices and high-quality SPA treatments. At the same time, with an emphatically serious approach, without exoteric noise.
Our feature and one of the competitive advantages is underwater meditation (freediving as psychotechnics), underwater photography and underwater posing. We don’t just teach diving. We teach relaxation and friendship with water, even to those who have difficulties with it. And at the same time, we make unique underwater shots that will be especially good on this land. The diving practice will not be mandatory, but it will be unforgettable.

— The proximity of Bali and the possibility of collaboration

Bali is a global trend, both in the tourism and in the field of retreats, which can be perfectly combined with the location on Sumbawa. This is both an opportunity to work with a huge expat community on the island Bali itself, and the ways to enter the international markets – in particular, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong (near destinations) and Europe-America (the whole world). Additionally the option of developing a program that will combine Sumbawa, Komodo and Bali.

The documents that we have

  • РМА (investment company with the foreign capital in the name of two owners Olesya and Misha Vlasov, without local partners)
  • Certificates for the land (the formal owner of the land is a company РМА, 2 pieces, total area 3,5 hectares, we have the only original paper version)
  • IMB (big bunch of documents – all permissions from government departments for building and operating)
  • Written and officially certified permission from the head of the village
  • We will tell more about the subtleties of the project directly to the future partners.

Summing up

We need money + competencies + energy and the desire to do cool things.

If you are interested – write to us. Let’s discuss it.

To the email ask@comebackdifferent.ru.

Or directly to WhatsApp +7 985 226 8898

Tell us about yourself. Why do you want to get involved in this story, how much are you willing to invest and how do you know us.

We will respond to every email we receive.

It’s time for cool features.

Always yours,


Olesya and Misha Vlasov





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